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Inside A Box - The Story Behind The Song.

I have never been the kind of person to fit in.

I've tried, its been an on and off process o

ver the lasdt 49 years to try to

fit in and the accept that i simply don't in the traditional way.

I wanted to be like the "Tara's" or the "Jennifer's" with their skinny lit

tle bodies and their high waisted jeans. I simply did not have a ski

nny little body. I was a solidly build tom boy with a J-Lo booty (That girls would pay money for today).

On top of that I was a little quirky... still am.

I had a unicycle that I proudly rose to school. I "improved" my smurf lunch box by peeling off the decal and replacing it with a picture of Dolly Parton. I wore my father's dress shirts to school and to make it look even cooler I would put colourful earrings into the little button holes on the collar to match the blazer that I "Borrowed" from my mother.

It has taken so many years for me to realize that the little tom

boy that I was trying so hard to change was such an interesting person.

So Interesting.

As I have grown, I have come to know that most of the people who I've talked to about this song, somehow felt left out of the loop just like me. Even the "cool" kids!

Even the

cool kids!!!

Just like me they felt that they needed to hide who they truly were in order to be accepted. They simply did a much better job than I did of hiding their light.

I have come to see the universe as a tapestry, each of us responsible for our one little piece that makes the whole. Who I am fits into that universe perfectly.

I once heard a speaker say something like "the universe is only complete because I exist within it".What a powerful statement.

The Universe is complete because I exist within it.

Take that and hold onto it. It's a powerful thing to believe in.

So "Inside a Box" stems from the idea that

conformity is not for everyone. That no matter how hard we try to be like the people around us, who we truly are comes through. The self that you are

when no-one is watching, when you are most comfortable.

That is who we are. Take a hold of that person and show them some love.

None of us fit inside a box. Not one size fits all.

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